I want to update you on the status of the house since it has been 8 months since I have written anything on here! We have accepted an offer and have essentially sold the house pending a few minor fixes (why do tree limbs have to fall on fences?) and our closing date should hopefully be mid October.  Now what is crazy is how the legal and financial aspects took the most time (thankyou HUD regulations for making every inconvenient situation possible) and prohibited us from putting the house on the market for a while.  But I am glad that the waiting game is behind us (hopefully) especially since we have already had one fake out.

On another note. I know this blog has only been used to update what has happened regarding the flip, but I really would rather use it more as a lifestyle blog especially because of my rather large life change that is happening in about14 hours.  As of 5PM today, I will be studying abroad in Paris for 9 months. This means 9 whole months of architecture geeking, fashion drooling, food gorging experiences that I will never want to forget! So even though this is a rather large departure from what is usually seen in this blog, please stay tuned because I promise more punctual updating and even better pictures!


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I am sorry for my very very long absense. The first half of December was filled to the brim with final projects and frankly after that I have just been procrastinating  on doing anything remotely productive.  But the house is still standing and looking even dandier than ever.  Honestly, this babe is twenty times more beautiful than …

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I know it seems like I have forgotten about this blog, and in truth, I have been a little selfish in keeping all of the awesome progress and pictures to myself.  But now I have finally been coerced enough to take the time to share how awesome my family really is.  And because of all of their hard work and ridiculously long hours, the list really is shrinking to a few final tasks.  So here are some pictures of the really major things that my family has been working on.  The master bathroom is completely done, with shower installed and all, unfortunately I haven’t gotten that picture yet, but I do have many of the built in vanity.  Also, the island in the kitchen is finished along with all of the toe kicks under the cabinets.  All trim is installed, it just needs to be painted. And Finally the staircase is being stained currently and should be sealed by tomorrow night. It is so exciting to see the project come together, and again I am so grateful for my family’s hard work.

The master bathroom vanity completed


The finished island as seen from the living room


These are the stairs that we had when we first got the house.


Stair treads stained. Painting the risers white is the next step


So this past weekend I got to go home and actually see the house for the first time in 4 weeks! And let me tell you, this baby is GORGEOUS. Not just the wow this is a good change kind of nice, but oh my goodness this place is just unbelievably beautiful. No picture or video that I have took will do it justice. My family has done such a great job putting everything together while I am away, the transformation is unreal.  Now we are on the final push to get all of the very time consuming and nit picky things that really go a long way.  While to us, this finishing step might seem to take forever, the list is actually growing much, much, much shorter.  Instead of ten pages front and back of lists, its down to a page and a half with many things crossed off.  So here are just some of the pictures from the weekend, Video will follow shortly along with some more stories!


Here’s some of the stuff that has been going on at the house. Let me know what you think!







Not finished but still in the process