Jewish Memorial

A few weeks back, we went to Berlin for just a few days. Definitely not a long enough time. One day alone was spent in the Jewish memorial Museum.  While there are admittedly many flaws to Daniel Liebeskind’s designs, his ability to convey emotion specifically with the voids created throughout the building are unparalleled to anything else I have experienced.  Not afraid to be in your face, I really wonder what his design would be like without the restrictions of the museum, which are blatantly obvious in the exhibition space (its quite cheery, especially juxtaposing his windows and internal viewpoints).  Needless to say, his forms that are fully committed to sensory architecture are the most successful, and make the more obvious forms like the stairwell seem a little more contrived. Now, I am only saying this out of critique and it is physically impossible for an architecture student to ever say “I like it!” In reality, the space was a perfect marriage of realistic and removed. You felt the gravity of the situation without leaving suicidal. And for the masses that is a wonderful balance. For an architecture student who sees every building as a playground, its nowhere nearly enough. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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  1. harjukewm said:

    Very hard edged and stark. Leaves you feeling cold which is about what you would feel like remembering what happened to millions of Jews at the hands of Hitler.

    What an amazing experience your having. I’m sure you’re looking forward to having Niki and Willie coming in a very short time. Have fun!!!

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