Today was definitely a very interesting yet relaxing day for me. I successfully proved to myself that I can travel alone in a different country and do quite well. I have traveled alone before but only to meet up with someone on the otherwise of the gate. This time however an unfortunate series of events led to a great day. Despite being completely sleep deprived from our project backed by 2 midterms, I got myself (by way of public transportation I might add) to Charles de Gaul which is infamous for being difficult. I flew by myself wandered Prague by myself ( got lost by myself) and had a wonderful day. This post might sound like I was lonely but for the past month and a half I have been with someone at all times which for me is unheard of. Today definitely put into perspective the beauty of just being, and I think there is something very valuable in that. Well now I have to go enjoy my AMAZING view before my 11 friends come and the quiet turns into another type of magic. (The view post will come soon, but its too dark to see anything)

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  1. AD said:

    Impressive to travel to another country alone and enjoy the process. You always liked your alone time and to have a little snow and a quiet time to explore is amazing.

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