Les Andelys

The final part of our trip up north was a short stop at Les Andelys.  None of us had any clue of what this was, and from our weekend assumed it was another beautiful Gothic cathedral.  So we drive into town and its situated in a beautiful valley, absolutely stunning, but as far as french towns go, not really worth driving the extra hour out of the way for.  We see the ever prevalent cathedral and assume that it is our final destination, but then the bus turns up this tiny gravel road that has a massive incline to boot.  We keep winding up this hill in and out of what quite frankly looks like Indiana (except the cows look different, and I don’t know why) until we reach this drastic downhill turn through a wall of trees and what appears on the other side is this.

Essentially we had climbed to the top of the hill to find ourselves at a medieval castle ruins. This is real life and I do not believe it myself. The Chateau (yes this fortress) was fought over for centuries between French and British rule.  Because of its northern location, and more locally its ability to see for miles of the Seine because of a bend in the river, this is a perfect location for this kind of structure.  Unfortunately, as I fear I will see with many sites.  One of the kings dismantled the castle to ensure that the other would not try to take it (it sounds like kindergarten all over again).  What remains is quite interesting but I would definitely say its surroundings are what make this place magical.

Compairing our sketches

I know this makes me a total nerd but I love the scaffolding structure juxtaposing the castle and the view.


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  1. AD said:

    I love this View!

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