Tonight, as I was walking home from a friend’s apartment I was consumed with to dos, future wants, and fears of minor failures.  As I was doing this, I was so caught up in future self that I was literally blind to where I was. Mid stride, it suddenly struck me that I was alone in front of the Chateau de Versailles.  Elegantly sprawled, and frankly just so massive it is a site to behold, even after seeing it every day since I have been here.  The serenity from this brief realization really makes me thankful for every moment I have had thus far. Not just in Versailles, yes it is beautiful here, but with the people I love the most. I find that my happiest memories are those few seconds of silence and respect for the world. May you have the same experience no matter where you are; every second of life matters, and that is beautiful.

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  1. AD said:

    I’m glad you stopped and took in your surroundings. It is a special gift. The journey not just the destination is important.

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