One of the main advantages of having your school on the palace of Versailles grounds is that you are a quick walk away and you can get in for free. This means never having to see it with a crowd.  I have been here a couple of years ago, but the mass of space and gold and art is overwhelming.  Not that I completely love all of the gilding and luxurious colors, but there is something to be noted that this overt sense of opulence in a sense was a main factor in the french revolution.  What is especially interesting is that it is now a main tourist attraction in France; but for the millions of viewers who gape in the hall of mirrors, is there a thought to the strife that this magnificent show of craftsmanship has caused? Or should we just appreciate the arts that are presented and pretend we are all Marie Antoinette?Image


  1. Niki said:

    Your pictures are looking awesome! They are making me really excited to come visit you. I don’t know if I can handle any pictures from the market because I don’t want to ruin the Kenosha market. Looks like you are having a good time. Of course I know it would be better with me there. Keep posting awesome pictures so I can live through you!

  2. AD said:

    I think the first picture is just a picture of a watercolor. Are you really sure you are there and not in Champaign?

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