3 days of magic!

So since settling in I have needed just a wee bit of an adjustment period before posting. Of course since then so much has happened I cannot even believe it! To start I will start with our apartment! I am living with Kat and Kat, and you will see plenty of them on this blog because they are kinda cool, I guess.  So, we were prepared that since we are living in Versailles, France, our accommodation would be modest at best because of the extremely high living expenses. Fortunately, we have acquired the best apartment ever! We have a beautiful full kitchen a full bath with a bathtub, A huge Closet that fits more than our three wardrobes, a charming view from our living room, and an attic space! Honestly, we could not have hoped for a better location (.5 km from the school/Chateau de Versailles) or anything else. It is awesome. Anyways, enough of me gushing. Here are the awesome pictures (with my roommates photobombing of course)

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  1. Elaine and Ken Harju said:

    Love the light fixture in the kitchen.;-) The appartment looks so bright and fun! The surrounding buildings are so beautiful! Have loads of fun and enjoy the chance of a lifetime! Elaine and Ken

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