Perfect Timing. (Kind of)

I want to update you on the status of the house since it has been 8 months since I have written anything on here! We have accepted an offer and have essentially sold the house pending a few minor fixes (why do tree limbs have to fall on fences?) and our closing date should hopefully be mid October.  Now what is crazy is how the legal and financial aspects took the most time (thankyou HUD regulations for making every inconvenient situation possible) and prohibited us from putting the house on the market for a while.  But I am glad that the waiting game is behind us (hopefully) especially since we have already had one fake out.

On another note. I know this blog has only been used to update what has happened regarding the flip, but I really would rather use it more as a lifestyle blog especially because of my rather large life change that is happening in about14 hours.  As of 5PM today, I will be studying abroad in Paris for 9 months. This means 9 whole months of architecture geeking, fashion drooling, food gorging experiences that I will never want to forget! So even though this is a rather large departure from what is usually seen in this blog, please stay tuned because I promise more punctual updating and even better pictures!

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