Better late than never.

I am sorry for my very very long absense. The first half of December was filled to the brim with final projects and frankly after that I have just been procrastinating  on doing anything remotely productive.  But the house is still standing and looking even dandier than ever.  Honestly, this babe is twenty times more beautiful than the pictures, and that is why I think I have been so hesitant to post.

To give you an update on what is going on, we are essentially 99% done with the house, and just have a few wanted things like pulls on cabinets to do.  We slowed down our pace a great deal because of the governmental constraints on financing a HUD home, and therefore discovered that there was no need to rush since we weren’t going to be able to get any money out of it before 6 months anyways.

In all, I have to say that this project was terrifying, and amazing. It went by way too fast for me (and way too long for my mother), but I  know that there isn’t a single member of my family that would take it back.  It very easily could have torn us apart (almost did on cabinet installation night), but it has really made us much stronger.

Enough sappy stuff, I want to go back room by room and retrospectively tell some stories of each, but I will have to do that once I finally locate my memory stick, and get another burst of motivation (or insomnia).  Here is a gallery of pictures of the second floor. Because of how the rooms are laid out, it was very difficult to take a picture of a good portion of the room. Hopefully you guys get the gist. Please let me know what you think!

Master Suite


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