Very Short List

I know it seems like I have forgotten about this blog, and in truth, I have been a little selfish in keeping all of the awesome progress and pictures to myself.  But now I have finally been coerced enough to take the time to share how awesome my family really is.  And because of all of their hard work and ridiculously long hours, the list really is shrinking to a few final tasks.  So here are some pictures of the really major things that my family has been working on.  The master bathroom is completely done, with shower installed and all, unfortunately I haven’t gotten that picture yet, but I do have many of the built in vanity.  Also, the island in the kitchen is finished along with all of the toe kicks under the cabinets.  All trim is installed, it just needs to be painted. And Finally the staircase is being stained currently and should be sealed by tomorrow night. It is so exciting to see the project come together, and again I am so grateful for my family’s hard work.

The master bathroom vanity completed


The finished island as seen from the living room


These are the stairs that we had when we first got the house.


Stair treads stained. Painting the risers white is the next step


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