Monthly Archives: September 2011

So this past weekend I got to go home and actually see the house for the first time in 4 weeks! And let me tell you, this baby is GORGEOUS. Not just the wow this is a good change kind of nice, but oh my goodness this place is just unbelievably beautiful. No picture or video that I have took will do it justice. My family has done such a great job putting everything together while I am away, the transformation is unreal.  Now we are on the final push to get all of the very time consuming and nit picky things that really go a long way.  While to us, this finishing step might seem to take forever, the list is actually growing much, much, much shorter.  Instead of ten pages front and back of lists, its down to a page and a half with many things crossed off.  So here are just some of the pictures from the weekend, Video will follow shortly along with some more stories!



Here’s some of the stuff that has been going on at the house. Let me know what you think!







Not finished but still in the process

In the two plus weeks that I have appeared to be MIA, I have been stockpiling photos. Some from when I was still working at the house, and a lot of when my family has been super awesome kicking into overdrive to finish this house while I am away at school.  While it might seem like I am working on this house semi alone, I would be nowhere without my family.  It really is a family project that we have been wanting to do for a long time now.  While it pains me  to see my family working hard on it while I am down at school, I am able to contribute as the designer and ensure that the house becomes every bit as beautiful as it can.  Okay, enough of this gibber-gabber, here is what has happened: Everything is drywalled, mudded, painted,  and trimmed. The kitchen is installed, countertops included, the backsplash has been done and redone, all tiling is done in both of the bathrooms, my mother has painstakingly installed all of the lighting fixtures. Miscellaneous problems have been fixed, remaining windows have been trimmed. A lot basically has happened and my family has hauled butt while also owning a business, working full time, and going through graduate school. THEY ROCK! here are some pictures of what I have:

Master Suite

Master Bed


Master Bed Closet