No. I have not run away.

I really and truly thought that I would be able to easily find the time to write about what has been happening every day or at least once a week but honestly my days have been wake up house, find something to eat at 10 and crash into bed. repeat. My whole family has been putting in a lot of hours trying to get these finishing pieces at least a little squared away even though we have had our fair share of speed bumps.  Like having to fire the drywallers for taking a week and a half on what they said would take 3. Or having to figure out how to cover the beam situation that we had to install for the stability of the master bathroom.  All in all we are definitely making progress, hopefully enough to show you some great reveals before I go back to school (which is Friday..) and if not, reveals will be soon to come. This house is being finished, and every person in my family is way too stubborn to admit defeat.  It really has been a great experience with of family bonding and laughing fits.  but anyways, we are working our butts off, and I hope you see some results…soon at least.

New beams in the kitchen to support the shower above it.

New master bedroom

New master drywall

new paint job. All white!

building the beam covers.


I thought I took more pictures of our awesome paint jobs, but I will have to retake it tomorrow!











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  1. Elaine Harju said:

    Wow, Paige, you and your fam HAVE been busy this summer. You’re right, that is a great way to bond with the ones you love. You’ll look back on this experience and realize how much you you can do if you put your mind to it. Of course, that’s in your make-up, your DNA; to put your whole being into what you want to achieve. Great job to all involved and I hope you have an awesome school year. ILL – INI. (say that a lot to Willie – it’s his favorite cheer! haha)


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