Are we done yet?

So I completely feel like this project is a never ending list of things that you cannot quite finish. That is the hardest part about this project, that you can never seem to fully check something off your list. While we think we are done with demo and framing, the plumbers and electricians need more cut out to get to the walls, or more support to put anchor onto.  It just never ends. But hopefully by the end of this next week things will start coming together.  The last couple of days I have been working on the front porch to increase the column size.  I decided to make my own column wrap instead of ordering manufactured ones.  By doing this, we were able to save around $1,000 dollars and i am able to create the exact style that I think fits.  But, after a malfunctioning nail gun, trying to freehand rip down boards and  sub contractors needing questions answered (respectably so) I’m not quite as far as I would like to be.  Thankfully though I am starting again tomorrow with more help from the boy! I will show you the results of our FINISHED columns. I promise. I need to check something off my list, and I will soon!

1 comment
  1. Ashley said:

    OMG! From someone who grew up remodeling houses I know your pains! Everything always takes longer than planned I swear! Keep up the good work.

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