When a tree falls…

So yesterday was a great deal of adventure.  We got to experience a nice little tornado. Luckily nothing was damaged. But a 50 foot tree crashed through live power lines and came within inches of our fence. We are so lucky.  Look at what almost hit us.

Here's just another picture of the damage (Oh and that's my sister making a sad face like a 4 year old, isn't she precious)

We were so lucky that nothing hit us, even though it did cut out our power for 2 days which made framing a little more complicated, but that’s ok, we persevered.

In other news, we continued with the framing. Being a hundred year old house, there were some really awkward corners, or things that we did not quite understand, so it makes framing a little more frustrating. Just like how the ceiling in one half of a room can be 3/4 of an inch higher than the other side. Big old pain in the butt I tellya. But the process pretty much goes:measure, measure, measure, mark, measure, cut, check, scratch head and swear when it is magically too short and begin again.  But through that, I have learned a lot about the entire process, and I fully understand how hard demo and framing really is.  Next time I want to design a building that is so complex it does back flips and has an internal maze, I might think twice.  Here are some pictures, enjoy!

The new second bathroom!

New closet door for one of the bedrooms


This is the new wall for the master Suite. We pushed it back 2 feet to expand the space and allow for a closet. Once we finish the cathedral, this room is going to be gorgeous.


Also. I had to do it. Remember this?

And this?

Well that is most certainly gone!

Here is just the base coat for the living room. Its going to take a lot to mask those squares. You can still see dimension of it.


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