“Day Six”

Sadly I do not have that much to report for today. I cleaned up the huge mess we made yesterday, did some more cleaning up of drywall edges, and met with some more sub contractors. I couldn’t take being in the house alone anymore so I got out and did some planning.

So I will divert and talk about the exterior. Right now, the siding is tan with a bright green trim. As much as this is Packer-land, I do not think the green will sell as well. Therefore, I want to paint the trim white which will brighten up the house.

very green.


Also. I want to attack the porch.  Since the curb appeal can  make or break a sale, it is essential to have a great looking front porch.  First, those too small posts need to go in order to fit the house more properly.  Originally there were bigger posts there, and you can still see their marks on the ceiling of the porch. These current babes are just dinky. Here are some inspirations:

This front porch is absolutely amazing.


Yes, I am a total creeper and take pictures of homes that I love… but that is besides the point. If I can incorporate those posts and railing on the house, it will really pop.  In addition the entire porch will be painted white, and the front door will will be painted a navy blue to enhance the stain glass feature that right now is fading into the background. Like this:

So classy.


Other than that, some new colorful flowers and grass and this sucker is as cute as a button!


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