“Day Five”

So today I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend help me with more demo. For me the fanciness of tearing through walls had lessened, but for him it was the kind of job boys dream of.  So he took to tearing out this poorly done bead board ceiling that was in the master bed.  My ultimate plan is to vault it up to give it alittle bit more grandness then what it is now.  In the end it is going to be amazing, but at the moment it was just an absolute mess of hundred year old dust. Yikes! But he got it down willingly and got the mounds of dust on his head too! Take a look and see!

This is the ceiling before!


and After! Please note boyfriend being a creeper.


Us only half way through, only kind of dirty.


Him after!


And me after!


We did a couple more things that day, but it is more fine tuning the demo to make it not look like a rabid beast ran through here. Can’t wait to start framing!

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