The Real Day One.

So this blog had been a pain to get in the habit of updating in real life time. So therefore, i am going to catch it up today, and then it will finally be right.  So. The real day one, or one week ago exactly, WE BOUGHT THE HOUSE!  This house was a HUD foreclosure, meaning it was a government owned property.  Because of this, the buying process was long and drawn out (more than usual) and was a little bit of a guessing game, but it is ours now! The first thing I did was jump around a little, do some air karate kicks (of course) and run around everywhere planning things out that I have already planned out a million times.  But it was actually mine to plan! So once I was finally calmed a bit, we took to knocking down this rather awkward 7 by 7 room that closed off a good portion of the first floor.  It is going to be flattened for a nice powder room.  After that, that was all the demo that needed to be done on the first floor. Since its my first rehab, I really wanted to play it smart and not get into a huge mess of problems that were unforeseen, and we have been blessed with this place. New windows, new drywall, electrical is semi up to code (even though we did find knob and tube wiring in the basement, but it is not connected anymore), plumbing is pretty good, and the foundation is AMAZING. My house built in the 90’s is not as straight as this hundred year old house is.  Anyways, enough of my happy bragging about how this house kicks butt (or will) So we demoed and took some ceremonial pictures of course.

Pose before breaking through!


First hit!







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  1. I’m so excited!! I like your blog design btw, it looks great! I like the first picture of you, make it your profile pic!! 😀

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