My favorite room in the house (or its going to be).  Right now, there is absolutely nothing in the kitchen besides an off centered window.  To follow the theme of this old house, the kitchen cannot be completely modern, or a cabin style; I chose to go for a farmhouse kitchen feel because it is comfortable, stylish, and generally timeless.  So keeping with the farmhouse I chose a large porcelain apron front sink, white beaded cabinets for the back wall, and open shelving.  In order to make it look modern and not your grandmother’s kitchen however, I chose almost black cabinets for the island, a strong grey granite counter top, and stainless steel appliances.  A marble 2×8 subway tile back splash gives a little bit of glamour to the somewhat relaxed kitchen. Because of the 6 foot window in the relative middle of the room, regular upper cabinets could not apply for the entire wall.  For this reason, I chose to use open shelving over the sink area to let in light, and to keep from making that wall look too heavy.  To balance the decreased cabinet space, i decided to use a second layer of upper cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling; this finishes off the look and allows for more storage.  On the island is the slide in range that allows for an open space between the family room and the kitchen, while still being functional.  On the opposite side, there is a counter-height bar with extra cabinets underneath for even more storage.  All of the cabinets are bought from Ikea, and so nothing is customized. Trust me. I spent a couple sleepless nights trying to get all of these cabinets to fit into place.

View of the Kitchen as it is now.


This is just a quick sketch of what the cabinets will look like.


Here are just some of the products for the kitchen, lighting and hardware will come later.


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