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So right now the progress happening at the house is the kind of stuff that happens behind the scenes. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to look at loads of pictures of electrical work.  But I will show you some more kitchen inspiration because these are just so gorgeous!


Today we are going to pretend like it is day eleven.  Right now, this stuff is not much fun for you guys to see. Alot of electrical, framing and plumbing. But hopefully soon we will be done with the rough in, and we can get moving again with the finishing pieces! I tried to take pictures of what progress we have had, but they didnt turn out well since it was mostly just studs that you are staring through.

I will talk a little about lighting since that is the new topic of debate in my family.  Since this house is 100 years old, it deserves to have some historical perspective that accompanies it.  But at the same time, it is a modern home that also is meant to appeal to as many buyers as possible.  So I’ve been trying to walk this fine line for the entire house, but the lighting seems to be the hardest.

I will post some pictures of those later, but for now you can see some of the updates. meanwhile, its time for me to scoot my butt off to the house because I am so late!

view into the new second bath


New Master Bed wall



Some color swatches. Let me know what you think!

So since there have not been very many pictures lately, I thought I would share with you my plan for the master bath.  Originally, it was the only bath in the house, but now I want to turn it into a spa like retreat.  Here are some inspiration pics. Enjoy!

I love this floor. It is great to frame the floor with a large white tile, this saves on costs too!


Vessel sink on a large slab of wood. gorgeous.


Frameless slate shower. Has an amazing impact without the super expensive cost.


Let me know what you think!

I forgot to take pictures, Sorry! But they will come very very soon, I promise! Today was more framing. It is grand. I love framing. Arguing with Mr. Nervous Ned though (aka father) is an entertaining task. I swear, he believes the house will fall with the removal of one stud. But he is the one that has the PHD.  Our goal is to have the entire upstairs done by Saturday… Wish us luck!  Also,I attempted to stain the stairs, it actually turned out decent, so with alot more tlc those babies will be gorgeous.  I will post pictures tomorrow!

So. Today Is upstairs framing, and time to figure out the staircase.  Right now the staircase is awful. Its worse than it looks, trust me. Its railing are 2×4’s and has poor quality oak treads. Or so I think.  We have an argument running in our family about whether these babies are salvagable.  If not, they are going to be a real pain since they are an one and a half inches thick. Hopefully I will be able to give you good news later tonight! But here are some closeups of the stairs.






Framing is lots o’ fun!  Especially when you get a super huge nailgun that makes you feel AWESOME! So primarily we worked the first floor while also continuing demo upstairs since there is alot of finishing demo needed.  But

It was a real group effort here especially since none of us had framed before, but we researched and figured it out, and I think it turned out mighty nicely.

Here are some of our pics from the weekend. Enjoy!

My mother trying to take a million pictures of me.

My payback.

The walls on the floor...

The walls up! We are salvaging a pocket door from upstairs and using it for this powder room

Today is kitchen day!!

And by this I mean cabinet and refrigerator day! Its going to be glorious.  And by glorious I mean taking three hours longer than expected, having a losing a couple good years of my life from panic of transporting the fridge, and having everything cost more than you want.  But In the end I was able to get an amazing side by side stainless steel refrigerator for $750 (half of its market price), a stainless steel range for a third of the price, and cabinets for $5,000.  While this might sound like alot for cabinets , but cabinets can cost around $60,000 or more from other stores.  Tomorrow we start framing! Here are  some pics of the house.

Ain't she a beaut!


Here is a lovely pic of the HUGE garage (about 2.5 cars). It is beautiful. But that is besides the point, this is a pic of the gas range, and all of the boxes of cabinets. Can't wait to put those together!